Coin World Gazetteer

Coin World is the world where the stories and adventures will take place. This world is not normal by any definition, being a place of magic, as well as being home to many insular and diverse cultures.

The most notable element about Coin World is it's physical shape: a COIN. One side is called 'Heads', the other is called 'Tails'.

Heads is the light side of the world, filled with hopeful and helpful people who have exciting adventures involving the development of science and magic. The Heads side is where the lion share of the adventures will take place. 

Tails is the dark side of the world, where people are more dower and prone to deal with things that wander around from the ancient days of the fabled culture of Danzat people. It is not a side where evil works, rather simply a shadowy side where things are spooky.

Our story begins on the archipelago Keys, in the mining town of Calm.

Coin World Gazetteer

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