Join us on the spinning world of Coin World! This is a youth Role Play Game (RPG) designed to introduce aspiring gamers to the various landscapes of RPG adventures. The game is based on the Little Wizards RPG published by Crafty Games. It has been slightly modified to include a more focused magic system and a very simple challenge resolution system.

This is NOT a combat-heavy game, although there will be an occasional confrontation; this is an ADVENTURE game after all! This will be played as a problem solving game currently set at a difficulty level for 3rd to 5th graders (as of 2017). The problems encountered will vary from game to game, but they will include: planning (for adventures), resource management (shopping, inventories), social interactions (negotiations, confrontations), puzzles (logic, pattern recognition), and skill tests (skills with random dice rolls).

The heart of the game will take place in a land called Keys:

A place for everything, and everything in its place! So say many who live on the Keys Archipelago, the central islands on Heads. Everything is on schedule, everything is tidy and neat and orderly, and the rules keep it that way. Oh, the rules. So many rules… Rules about big things like stealing and hurting people. Rules about little things like the proper way to speak and the proper clothes to wear. Keys is home to some of the best detectives and sleuths on Coinworld, and these stalwart searchers are always on the case to find anyone breaking the rules (mostly the big ones) so they can be brought to justice.
The people of Keys have a great love of learning; Keys is home to some of Coinworld’s best libraries, museums, and schools (magic and otherwise). Artifacts from all over the world can be found in these museums for the curious to view, and breathtakingly beautiful creatures of all kinds are kept in neighboring zoos and menageries. Wise and learned scholars flock to Keys to teach and learn about these items and exotic beings. 
By the rules, some places on Keys are off-limits to all but a select few. Rumors abound of what might be
found in these places… Are there old mansions housing great libraries of dangerous magic? Ancient forests where herds of dragons roam? Secret laboratories where mad scientists build amazing and terrible inventions? A Wizard could spend her whole life solving these mysteries…

A Flip of Chance